Plan for College

Learn how to prepare for the education and training that will get you your dream job.

Where Are You on the Path to College and Career?

Find out and take the next step.

Not sure where to start planning for college or career? Overwhelmed with decisions about admission, financial aid, or post-college job hunting? Below you'll find a link list of some key points along the path to college and career.

Use these links to help you:

  • Weigh the college benefits — Consider how college can sharpen your skills, boost your income, and help you realize your long-term goals.
  • Explore your skills and interests — Discover more about the talents and interests you can turn into a career.
  • Compare colleges — Evaluate schools by variables like academic offerings, location, and size.
  • Find out how to apply — Learn the basics of college admissions and start applying.
  • Understand financial aid — Explore how to pay for college with financial aid, then start the process.
  • Estimate your EFC — Use this handy calculator to find out how much your family might be able to contribute to college.
  • Compare loan repayment plans — Estimate monthly student loan payments based on each repayment plan.
  • Consider a career — Watch career videos, find out what jobs make in different states, and learn about interviewing techniques that could land you a position.
  • Draft a resume — Master the skills to write a winning resume and cover letter.
  • Get repayment help — Learn about your options in case you hit a repayment snag.

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