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What is College Like for Vanessa?

Learn about daily life on campus from a PR major from Fort Worth, Texas.

  1. What is a typical day for you on campus?
    Balance is key. A student needs to attend class, study, eat (healthy), work out, sleep, relax, and have fun. The problem is fitting all those in. Obviously, some days are spent studying and some are spent more on extracurricular activities. I don't study everyday but I attend class regularly. If you miss, it is usually detrimental to your grade. I am very involved in extracurriculars, which makes me enjoy my time on campus and at the university.
  2. What do you do for fun? Do you stay at school and get involved with the recreational activities available on campus or go home over the weekend?
    I go home often to see my boyfriend, but I would never recommend that for a first year student. Leave all relationships when moving to a new place and beginning your serious school career. Get involved in organizations that interest you and have fun on weekends - go to sporting events and parties.
  3. That's the biggest difference between life in high school and life in college?
    You can do whatever you want whenever you want in college. The freedom is a blessing and a curse. You have to have discipline so you know when to go to bed, when to study and if there's time, when to party. I almost miss having my bedtime set by my parents.
  4. What's the easiest way to meet people and make friends?
    Live in a dorm and get involved in activities — really involved — take on projects and leadership roles.
  5. How did you decide on a major?
    I examined what I liked doing and what made me happy. Take some classes that interest you and see if the topic strikes your fancy.
  6. What were the most helpful classes you took in high school to prepare you for college?
    AP English—college is all writing and reading.
  7. Is there enough help available if you have trouble with a class?
    Study groups are very popular.
  8. How did you choose a college or university?
    For one, the program I wanted to study influenced my decision. And then, I wanted to be in a fun city.
  9. Do you live on campus or off campus? What advantages or disadvantages are there to living on or off campus?
    I have always lived off campus, which is nice in that it allows getting away from campus. But living on campus makes it easier to study and make friends.
  10. If you could go through high school again, what would you do differently?
    Work hard but enjoy the free time. I don't think that high school needs to be so hard that you are burnt out on studying by the time you get to college.
  11. Do you consider your college lifestyle to be balanced and healthy?
    Yes, for the most part. I make sure to get sleep and eat. I wish I could work out more but I have so many responsibilities.

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