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A Quick Guide To Managing Homework

Try these tips to make assignments easier to tackle

Homework is like violin practice or laps on the football field. Without it, you won't master more complicated playing or have stamina for the "test" of a game's final quarters. Another big homework plus: It puts you in the habit of applying what you learn and prepares you to handle a college-level workload. Here are some other tips to make homework simpler to manage.

  • Get organization-smart. Organization is half the battle when it comes to homework. You might be confused by a concept or assignment, but don't get confused about where you keep assignments, notes, reports, and other class materials. Use color files, labels, and separate notebooks to store and handle class materials. Do something similar if you have a laptop or desktop. Make electronic folders and files and order them in a logical structure that's easy to browse. If you need information quickly, you'll have it ready to hand.
  • Set a consistent work time. Make a habit of doing homework at a certain time every day. That way you not only remember to complete assignments but set an expectation to do so.
  • Take breaks and exercise. Long study times put your body to sleep. Wake it up by doing homework for no more than an hour and then doing an aerobic activity for 5-10 minutes.
  • Divide long assignments into segments. Who can tackle a long homework assignment in one go? Establish smaller, simpler goals, then set up a schedule for achieving each sub-goal. That way you aren't overwhelmed and find yourself procrastinating.
  • Find a study buddy. Writing, reading, and doing homework don't have to be solitary activities as long as you have the ability to concentrate. Get a study buddy, perhaps someone working through the same assignments who can share his or her knowledge on a given topic.

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