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Write Your College-Ready Plan

Use this worksheet to prepare yourself for college

College Advising 101 Worksheet

Earning a higher education degree or certificate isn't simple like buying a book, but it doesn't have to be that complicated either. Use this worksheet to become "college-ready," that is, ready to earn the credits you need, understand your school's financial aid policies, and adjust to campus life more smoothly. The better prepared you are now, the more successful you're likely to be in school.

Complete this worksheet to get:

  • Academic-ready — Explore your interests, consider the degree or certificate you need, and establish steps to earn it.
  • Financial-aid-ready — Learn about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), understand your school's financial aid policy, and track important dates in the awarding process.
  • College-life-ready — Find out what your school's community is like and consider campus resources that can help you.

Get College-Ready!
Download the College Advising 101 worksheet.

A Spanish version of the College Advising worksheet is also available.

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