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Visit Campus Before You Choose

What to ask and what to learn in your college visit

The campus visit: Evaluating your options

Have you narrowed down your choice of schools to a few? Make a visit. Campus visits can help you learn lots of things you might not otherwise find out, such as, how to navigate between classes, what student services are available, and what college life is like generally. Use this Campus Visit Checklist to make the most of your visit. Complete each field below, then print the checklist to take with you and fill out at the school.

What school and campus location will you be visiting?

What are the times of campus tours and information sessions?

Do you have an appointment with an admissions representative? If so, when?

Is an interview with the admissions office a required part of the application process?


Do you have appointments with other campus representatives, including coaches, faculty members, and financial aid officers? If so, when?

Contact the alumni office for the names of alumni in your area. Ask your parents for permission to contact two or three alumni that you and your parents can meet with. Enter their names and information here. They may serve as a source of helpful information on their alma mater.

What time should you arrive on campus? You may need to fill out forms before taking tours or appointments.

You may want to refer to your transcript and resume in conversations with campus representatives, if you have scheduled an admissions interview. Do you have copies of these documents available?


Ask about attending a class and experiencing "a day in the life" of a student.

Some schools encourage students to spend some time on campus on their own, attending classes, participating in a student activity, and/or even staying overnight with a host student. Find out options available to you, and take advantage of them if you can.

Can you arrange to attend a class or two in subjects that interest you? Which ones?

Can you stay overnight in a residence hall? Where?

Can you eat in a campus dining hall? Which one?

Will you be able to visit with one or two students studying subjects or participating in activities or organizations that interest you? Enter their names and information here.


Spanish version of the Campus Visit Checklist also available.

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