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Four Secrets To Success In Community College

Good planning can help you graduate on time

Community colleges can be a great stepping stone to a career or to a college or university with a four-year degree program. To make sure you achieve your goal — career or college — follow a few guidelines designed to help you graduate on time and with a minimum of debt.

  1. Make sure your future career pays for what you borrow. College is a great investment and worth the loans you may have to take out. Just be careful to borrow only what you need. Also, make sure what you borrow you can repay given the income you expect to earn. Major Choices provides a way to compare potential debt against an estimated salary for jobs in Texas.
  2. Find out if your credits will transfer. Be sure to learn whether your community college has an articulation agreement with the school you intend to transfer to. An articulation agreement ensures that the credits you earn at your community college will count towards a degree at the 4-year school.
  3. Keep in mind you may need to take developmental courses. Developmental courses are classes that prepare you for college-level coursework. These classes do not count toward a degree or certificate.
  4. Take advantage of on-campus tutoring services. If you need support outside the classroom, don't hesitate to tap into the tutoring services most community colleges offer. Tutors can help in lots of ways, including demystifying concepts, answering questions, and even providing a bit of moral support.

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