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What's Your College's Admissions Policy?

Find out the difference between standard and open admissions

Schools follow different admissions policies depending on their mission. Two-year community colleges serve the community in which they are based and accept most students who apply. Public four-year colleges and universities may serve the general populace but maintain certain admissions standards. Private four-year schools may serve particular communities, including minority groups or those affiliated with a certain religion. Find out your school's admissions policy by visiting its website or reviewing print marketing material.

Admissions type School Application time Details


Most 4-year colleges and universities

Submit application by college's set date during high school senior year, usually starting in early fall. Please refer to each college's website for the admissions application date as each college may vary.

Acceptance notification usually takes place in the spring. Those accepted must notify the college of intent to attend or not by May 1


Community colleges

Submit early to qualify for aid, but applications will be accepted often up to semester/term start

Admission open to all students who apply as long as they a have a high school diploma, have passed the high school proficiency test (GED), or are at least 18 years old. Many such schools do require an entrance exam at the time of registration

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