Use a Spending Plan While in School

Use this worksheet to help you manage your money.

This worksheet can help you estimate a budget for your college years. Simply print the form and then fill in the information to get an idea of what your education will cost.

Be sure to consider your income in relation to the amount of time the money will be used. For instance, if you're planning a budget for a four-month semester, don't use salary information for a year. And if you're planning for an entire year, be sure to include the award money you expect to receive for the entire year, not just for one semester.

If you aren't sure about some of the information, find out. Call utility companies, contact apartment complexes to find out about the rental fees, and ask your parents about utility bills and deposits. If you know someone who is in college or who has recently graduated, they will probably be a good source of information about the actual costs involved.

Be sure to click outside any field you change for the automatic calculations to be updated.

I. Semester Info
Number of months in semester
II. Semester Expenses
Tuition and fees
Per month  
III. Semester Income
Family Contribution
Student Loans
Other Financial Aid (Grants/Scholarships/Gifts)
Per Month  
IV. Monthly Income
Estimated monthly salary
Minus taxes (approx. 28%)
Net income
Other income
V. Monthly Expenses
Combined utilities
Auto expenses
Student loan payment(s)
Other loan payment(s)
Credit cards
Medical expenses
VI. Discretionary Income
Total Monthly Income
Total Monthly Expenses
Monthly Total  
Semester Total  

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