Your Graduation Kit

What you need to survive life after college

If you just graduated from college, you're probably wondering about your next steps. Like the shift to college itself, the transition to life after school takes thought. This short guide suggests how to lay the foundation for success post-graduation, including anticipating your expenses and understanding your repayment plan options. Complete each activity below and you'll be off to a great start.

Create a spending plan
Know what you can afford to pay for expenses, including student loans.

Obtain a complete list of your loans and loan servicers
Locate a list of your loans and loan servicers along with loan servicer contact information online through the National Student Loan Data System, or NSLDS.

  • Log in to NSLDS, using the personal identification number, or PIN, you used to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.

Explore your repayment plan options
Complete this short online training module to learn the basics of repayment and repayment plans.

Estimate repayment with each plan
Calculate what you might pay with each repayment plan, including plans that take into account your ability to pay.

Draft a resume and cover letter
Create a resume and cover letter that helps land you that first job of your career.

Know your credit score and/or credit report
Learn the basics of credit so that you can establish good credit, the cornerstone of borrowing and your financial health.