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Life Changes That Can Affect Your FAFSA

Talk to your school if your income or dependency status changes

The student and his or her family have the primary responsibility for paying college costs. But what if something happens to the family's income or the student moves away from home permanently? In cases like this, students and their families must communicate the situation to their school's financial aid office. The school may then be able to make arrangements, including reevaluating the student's eligibility for financial aid. Here is a bit more information about life changes that can affect aid.

Change in your family's income

Your school may reevaluate your financial aid eligibility, for example, if:

  • Your family's income is reduced; or

  • You or your family experiences a catastrophic illness that depletes assets and increases debt.

Dependency Issues

What if you don't meet the definition of an independent student according to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but can't provide your parents' information because of abandonment or abuse? Talk with your aid administrator. Certain exceptional situations may justify overriding the dependency status requirement. The decision to do this rests with the aid administrator.

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