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Four FAFSA Don'ts

Avoid these common FAFSA mistakes

Many students make some simple errors when applying for federal financial aid. Making these mistakes can cost you time in application processing and, potentially, harm your chances of receiving some forms of financial aid. Be sure not to do the following.

  1. Don't forget to provide all necessary information and sign the application. Application processing can be held up simply because of a missing signature.
  2. Don't forget to search for and correct typos. Sounds like a relatively unimportant precaution but if you transpose numbers or move a decimal point to the wrong place, you could hurt your chances for aid eligibility.
  3. Don't miss the deadline. While there is no federal application deadline, per se, most schools require students to submit the FAFSA and other financial aid application documents by a priority filing date. Students who miss school deadlines are frequently offered less financial aid, or, if they do receive aid, more loans and fewer grants and scholarships.
  4. Don't forget supplemental documents. Sometimes your school or the federal government requests additional information. Be sure to include this data so that your application is processed by your school's financial aid deadline.

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