Counselor Resources

Guide your students through applying to college, obtaining aid, and considering a career.

Educational Handouts for Students and Parents

Use these materials to help students and parents

Need resources to help guide your students on staying organized and informed during their pre-college and college years? Use these informative handouts (available in PDF), created to assist students and parents at various stages of the higher education adventure.

Preparing for college while in high school

  • Daily Schedule Planner PDF
    • A sample plan to help high school students organize their time
  • High School Course Planner PDF
    • A chart to help high school students organize their course selection and required credits for college admission
  • Summer Checklist PDF
    • A list of suggestions for high school students to help them stay on track for college over summer break
  • Junior Summer Checklist PDF
    • A list of recommendations for high school juniors to maximize their summertime planning for senior year and college preparations
  • Senior Spring Checklist PDF
    • A list of important reminders for high school seniors in their spring semester
  • Senior Information Form PDF
    • A form to assist high school seniors in providing guidance counselors with necessary information regarding their educational plans

Taking college exams

Appying for admissions and financial aid

During college and beyond

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