Develop Your Resume

Make a strong first impression on paper.

The first impression you make with a potential employer is usually on paper — through your resume.

If you want your potential employer to see you for the organized, intelligent, hard-working person you are, you need to make that clear on paper. Here are some tips for preparing a resume:

  • Keep it short — one page, if possible.
  • Be neat; print your resume on a quality desktop printer.
  • Be honest about your skills and work experience. Emphasize results.
  • Be concise and use action words and phrases when describing your experience.
  • Ask someone you trust to check over your resume before submitting it.

Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, education, and work experience. You may want to include your job objective (which states what type of position you are seeking). However, many experts now recommend that you include a resume profile (stating how your skills and experience are a good fit for this job) instead of stating an objective. You should also state any awards and honors you've received, and contact information for three references.

We recommend that you include a cover letter with every job application that states why your qualifications fit the position and why you want to work with the company. Follow-up by phone a few days after the employer has your resume to make sure everything is in order.

Some positions also require job seekers to complete application forms. Be sure to meet the application requirements for the job you are seeking.

For examples, see Sample Resumes and Templates

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