Common Resume Mistakes

Avoid the common mistakes many job seekers make.

Your resume represents your skills and provides a first impression to a potential employer. Therefore, one mistake on your resume can reflect poorly and decrease your chances of receiving an interview.

Here are some common mistakes made when creating resumes:

  • Poor spelling/grammar — Yes, spell-check helps, but don't solely depend on it. Have your friends read through your resume and specifically look for incorrect spelling and grammar. This will save you the embarrassment of having an employer point it out to you.
  • Lying about your experience — Although your resume is meant to be used as a tool to sell yourself, it does not mean you should fib about your experiences. Exaggerating is the same as lying. Although it may get you the interview, it won't get you through the interview!
  • Providing too much information — A good rule of thumb is to keep your resume to one page. Remember, you can also use your cover letter to sell yourself.
  • Being too generic — When it comes to describing yourself and how you're a good fit for the position, be specific. If you're applying at a high-volume restaurant, "Customer service experience" is not as good as "Managed the rush after home games."
  • Improper formats/paper — A resume is a professional document. Simple formats allow recruiters to easily scan your resume. Also, don't use bright paper or stationery. This will only distract recruiters from what's important on your resume — your skills. Keep it simple.

Keep these tips in mind when creating your resume and you'll be on the right track to landing the interview you want.

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