Apply for a Job

Go over our checklist before turning in your job application.

Before you apply for that job, go over this short checklist to make sure you are fully prepared:

  • Make sure you filled out all of the information in the registration section.
  • Make sure you did a spell and grammar check on your resume.
  • Make sure that you have documented your talents and skill sets.
  • Be specific and detailed on your application.
  • Don't forget to include information about your educational background.
  • If you're not sure what to write on the registration form about salary, simply put "negotiable."
  • Make sure you list your honors and awards, as well as volunteer work and internships.
  • Don't give inaccurate information about your credentials — be as accurate as possible.
  • Have a list of references and their contact information available in case you need to list them on your application.
  • Make sure you have the address, phone number, and name of your last advisor for all prior jobs.
  • Know your salary history.

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