Get Hired

Identify your relevant skills and experiences.

Looking for a first job can be frustrating! Many employers look for experienced workers. But how do you get experience without having a job?

You have to expand the way you think about experience. Volunteer programs, school projects, and organizations sometimes provide experience that is useful in a work setting also.

Identify your skills when thinking about job hunting, but also keep track of experiences you've had that an employer might be looking for:

  • Have you ever worked on a team in school (year-book staff, literary magazine, athletics)?
  • Did you use a computer in your studies (research, writing, website development)?
  • Did you work on special projects during high school that brought you additional knowledge in an area of your interest (video projects, theater productions, planning committees, student government organizations, FFA, debate team)?

Work experience is almost always a good thing. It shows responsible behavior and the ability to get along with others. And, having a part-time job is a good way to help meet education expenses.

Not everyone can or should get a job while they're in school, but you should definitely consider it. Talk to your parents and others who have experience working while in school to help you figure out whether it's a good idea for you.

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