Get Involved

Spend time in clubs and charities now, and impress future colleges and employers.

Neither high school nor middle school is just about the classes you take. Look around and discover other ways to make school meaningful.

Follow your interests

  • Do you like taking pictures? Try the photojournalism club, or work on your school's newspaper or yearbook staff.
  • Are you interested in sports but not very athletic? Think about being a team manager or keeping stats.
  • Do you enjoy playing an instrument? Join your middle school band.

If your school doesn't have a club that fits what you're interested in, find a faculty member who'll sponsor a group or start one yourself! Good memories of middle school include activities as well as academics. Look for activities in school and out that you can enjoy participating in.

Contribute to your community by volunteering

Your assistance will help others and make you feel good, too. Organizations constantly in need of volunteers include:

  • Churches,
  • Synagogues,
  • Area food banks,
  • Children's shelters,
  • Hospitals,
  • Nursing and retirement homes,
  • Museums, and
  • Your community library.

Learn about other volunteer opportunities by visiting the Youth Service of America ( website. After you volunteer for a while, you might even be eligible for the President's Volunteer Service Award ( Have fun sharing your talents!

Extracurricular activities are important to your future

How you use your "free" time — the time when you're not in class — is important to high schools, colleges, universities, and even employers.

Choose activities you enjoy and that match your interests. Your goal is to show that your interests extend beyond sitting on the couch and watching television, or playing video games when the school day ends — "slacker" doesn't look good on a resume. So get up and get moving. Discover what your school and your neighborhood have to offer.

Keep track of all your activities throughout middle school and high school

Organize them and put them all down on paper to create your extracurricular activities resume. You can submit your resume when you apply to college and/or for scholarships. In today's world, participation and community involvement are valuable because they say a lot about who you are. Make them part of your regular schedule.

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