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Ten Tips for Applying for Financial Aid

Follow these suggestions and increase your chances of earning aid

Follow these suggestions and increase your chances of receiving aid

  1. Find out if your college requires more than the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To qualify for state or institutional aid, you may need to submit other documents and applications in addition to the (FAFSA).
  2. Keep a calendar with all deadlines noted. Tracking multiple dates for admissions and financial aid can be a headache. Simplify by going low-tech and writing it down on a wall calendar.
  3. Ask your school whether any aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. You can then prioritize applying for this aid.
  4. Learn when your school will notify you of its financial aid offer. Be sure to note the date on your calendar.
  5. Find out whether financial need will have an impact on the college's decision to admit you. Sometimes schools take into account whether you have need.
  6. Look for scholarships on your college's website, and use AIE's Scholarship Search to find other scholarship opportunities.
  7. Find out whether outside scholarships will affect your school's financial aid award. Oftentimes, schools will include scholarships in the calculation of your financial need.
  8. Determine whether any scholarships you receive are guaranteed for each year of your program of study or just this year. You may need to reapply annually.
  9. Explore your state's financial aid program. Look for scholarship, grant, and loan programs. Live in Texas? Visit the College for All Texans website.
  10. Ask whether your college offers alternate payment options. Many colleges offer tuition payment plans that let you make installment payments for each semester's bill.

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