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Build Your Career Plan

Know your goals and you can better manage your career

When you write a career plan, you work backward, identifying the steps that will lead you to the ultimate goal of a job in your field. Below you'll find a sample career plan that you might consider as you draft your own. Note that the plan specifies your overarching career objective, itemizes the job skills and abilities required for that objective, offers an inventory of your skills, and then lays out a path to help you meet your career goal.

Career Plan Sample

Career goal

Become a civil engineer.

Design, plan, and supervise the construction of highways, waterways, and underground transportation systems.

Job requirements

  • Minimum of bachelor's degree in engineering
  • Knowledge of physical sciences and mathematics
  • Accreditation by licensing board
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Capacity for detail work
  • Presentation skills
  • Writing skills
  • Creativity

My skills and experience

  • Summer employment with a construction company
  • High school mathematics courses (geometry, trig, advanced math, calculus)
  • High school science courses (physics, chemistry)
  • Experience working within a team (summer employment, school organizations, course projects)
  • High school writing courses (four years of English, technical writing)
  • Top 10% of class
  • Natural creative ability and organizational skills

Key goals and milestones

  1. Graduate in top 10% of high school class
  2. Achieve good test scores
  3. Be accepted to a university with a good engineering program
  4. Keep grades up to meet requirements for School of Engineering
  5. Continue work experience with internship or part-time/summer employment
  6. Improve presentation and writing skills
  7. Participate in campus organizations for engineering students
  8. Research license requirements
  9. Earn a bachelor's degree
  10. Consider graduate school

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