Government Agencies

TG collaborates with multiple state and federal agencies to facilitate student success in higher education. Below are summaries and related resources, where applicable, on several initiatives borne out of, or mutually beneficial to, those collaborations.


In collaboration with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, TG administers the Texas Financial Aid Information Center (TFAIC). This is a toll-free public service call center available to all Texas students and families wanting to pursue a higher education. TFAIC can be reached at 1-888-311-8881. Students can also contact TFAIC via email at

Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program

As an enthusiastic administrator of the federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program, TG works with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and similar agencies in other states to help eligible borrowers throughout their qualifying service and during the process of applying for loan forgiveness.


TG has several memoranda of understanding with fellow organizations and agencies that have common goals related to student success in higher education.

Collaboration opportunities

TG prides itself in offering numerous collaboration opportunities, soliciting input from schools, lending institutions, organizations, and agencies to improve its offerings and services to the higher education community.

Ambassador Program

TG conducts outreach and awareness activities through the TG Ambassador Program. TG team members, or "Ambassadors," attend financial aid fairs, college nights, and college preparation workshops at high schools, colleges, community centers, and faith-based venues. Ambassadors speak to parents and students about the benefits of a postsecondary education, direct them to resources, explain the financial aid and admissions processes, and present TG's message that higher education is both accessible and achievable.


TG has created the awareness program Adventures In Education (AIE™, this site) that helps students plan and complete their journey through higher education. By providing a website and other free resources to students, parents, counselors, and educators, AIE encourages individuals to discover and pursue educational opportunities. AIE promotes a better tomorrow by preparing students and families for the adventure today.

Resources for counselors and principals

TG has created a Counselors page with additional resources that you may find helpful or applicable to your agency's scope of service.

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