Take a tour of your student loan future

Great Scott, Marty!

College is an exciting, important time for expanding your horizons and preparing for your career and life to come. On the financial front, earning a college degree is also one of the best investments out there.

As with all investments, however, college requires you to pay in up front in order to reap the benefits down the road. For most students, that means taking out student loans. While it's easy to take advantage now of money you won't have to repay until later, eventually those bills will start rolling in.

Here's where that time machine comes in handy. Learning about student loan repayment now can help you cruise into your future armed with knowledge, so you'll be ready when your payments come due.

To give you that tour of things to come, AIE provides a free online training guide called Six Things You Should Know About Repayment Plans. This short presentation teaches you the essentials of how student loan repayment works, including:

  • Where to find a complete list of your federal student loans
  • What the basic repayment plans are
  • How income-based repayment plans compare
  • How to apply for each plan
  • What to do if you have trouble making payments

Don't let the future take you by surprise! Check out Six Things You Should Know About Repayment Plans on AIE today.