What career choices will you make?

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As you're planning for the future (and, really, isn't planning a future-oriented activity by definition?) you probably have some big categories to consider. For example, where will you live? Will you marry? Will you travel? And, one of the biggest questions: what career will you pursue?

Here at AIEmail, we've talked a few times recently about choosing a major and navigating your career path, and we want to point your attention to some illuminating research from CareerCast on the pros and cons of various careers. This same data also informs an interactive chart and an easy-to-read infographic that have recently appeared on Lifehacker.

The value in this data, from our perspective, is that careers aren't being assessed on a one-dimensional "here are the most lucrative careers" scale. Instead, you're being nudged to consider a range of questions as you're starting on your professional journey. Sure, salary is important, but so are things like current demand, projected growth, and the level of stress experienced by the workers in a given industry. These things change over time (for example, becoming a newspaper reporter used to be a growth field for writers, but that job is now experiencing negative growth), so this one data set won't be the final word on this. But as a turn in the conversation, it might give you some things to think about and investigate further.

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