Stay on Track

Checklist for this Week, March 10, 2014

For freshmen

  • Continue to study hard to earn good grades.
  • Review your schedule for next year so you will be prepared.
  • Research and plan summer volunteer activities.
  • Finalize next year's course selections with your counselor.

For sophomores

  • Review your schedule for next year so you will be prepared.
  • Plan summer community service or volunteer activities.
  • Watch for leadership opportunities in clubs and organizations.
  • Continue to concentrate on making good grades.
  • If appropriate, register for May or June SAT Subject Tests.

For juniors

  • Study for any Advanced Placement or SAT Subject Tests you will be taking.
  • To prepare for the April ACT and SAT, review sample problem booklets provided with the ACT and SAT registration materials.
  • Review your PSAT results.
  • Register for the June SAT — this is the last time that the SAT will be administered until next October.
  • Review your schedule for next year. Make sure you have all courses needed for graduation.
  • Attend any college presentations at your high school this month.
  • Continue investigating pre-college programs.

For seniors

  • Address and mail graduation announcements.
  • Review and respond to any admissions status letters you receive.
  • Review financial aid award letters with your parents. Send in any requested paperwork.
  • Complete and return any summer orientation materials sent by your chosen college.
  • Return any requested housing contract information.
  • Write thank you notes to counselors, teachers, and others who wrote letters of recommendation for college applications and scholarships.
  • Complete correspondence courses.
  • Complete any remaining scholarship forms.

For parents

  • Review financial aid award letters with your senior.
  • Provide any payments necessary for housing contracts, summer orientation programs, or other fees for your senior.
  • Provide any fee payments necessary for your junior's ACT/SAT test registrations.
  • Assist your senior with the distribution of graduation announcements.
  • Encourage your child to write thank you notes to the people who helped with letters of recommendation.
  • Review deadline dates for college housing deposits and refunds with your senior.
  • If you filed any additional documentation regarding extenuating circumstances surrounding the family's financial situation, call your senior's prospective colleges' financial aid offices to ensure that the information was received and properly filed. This is the month that those offices will be preparing the financial award letters.
  • Encourage your teenager to make plans for summer jobs and volunteer activities.