Prepare for life in the real world with AIE's Your Graduation Kit

We've got your graduation kit!

College graduation may seem far away, but it's never too soon to pick up the knowledge you need to be successful once you're done with school.

To help, Adventures In Education (AIE™) provides a user-friendly one-page guide called Your Graduation Kit: What You Need to Survive Life After College.

Your Graduation Kit includes tools for staying on top of the many tasks that face new graduates, such as:

  • Creating a spending plan: This interactive spending plan canhelp you gauge what you can afford to pay for various expenses, including student loans.
  • Obtaining a complete list of federal loans: Your Graduation Kit provides a link to the National Student Loan Data System, or NSLDS, which gives you an itemized listing of their student loans and loan servicers.
  • Exploring repayment plans: This free online training module describes the basics of repayment and repayment plans, including plans based on income, family size, and total student debt.
  • Estimating repayment with each plan: The kit links to student loan repayment calculators that provide a simple way to estimate and compare payments under each plan.
  • Drafting a resume and cover letter: Writing the best resume and cover letter is almost an art form. These resources break the process down for graduates.
  • Monitoring credit: Managing credit scores and obtaining credit reports is vital in today's financial world. AIE offers a variety of resources to help you stay on top of your credit rating.

Check out Your Graduation Kit: What You Need to Survive Life After College to find the information you need to succeed in all your post-college endeavors, from obtaining that first dream job to repaying your student debt.