Over $7 billion dollars in scholarships and awards? Yep.

You may have noticed that last week's edition of AIEmail included some information about our free scholarship search database, and in particular some of the approaches and search options you might use in your research. Following up on that, we want to share some encouraging statistics and context on that database.

Ready for the numbers?

The searchable database includes information on 18,625 scholarships provided by 3,347 sponsors, totaling over $7 billion in awards and scholarships. Yes, that number was $7 billion! To be clear, it's really unlikely that you're going to win all $7 billion dollars' worth. Probably best to let that dream go. But you could actually receive some of that money.

Where does the money come from?

Some scholarships are awarded by schools, with money that comes from sources such as endowment funds and alumni donations. Other scholarships are awarded through the private sector, including corporations, foundations, and service organizations. The point is that there are a lot of scholarships from a lot of different sources, and it's to your benefit to research and apply for scholarships.

Who gets that money?

There are scholarships for lots of different types of students. Merit-based scholarships are based on academic achievement. There are also scholarships for students with particular cultural backgrounds, or outstanding athletic or artistic abilities. Look through the criteria and descriptions and find one that fits!

There are a number of funding sources for higher education, and most students use a variety. You might receive grants, have your family contribute some money, do some work study, and take out some loans. There's no reason scholarships shouldn't be part of that mix, and our scholarship search engine is here to help.