Career stress! Good news and bad news.

Career stress! Good news and bad news.

As you're making your college and career plans, you may be feeling some worry and stress.

  • What if unemployment stays high?
  • What if you love a career for which there's little demand (like puppetry)?
  • What if you enter an industry that undergoes a major shift (like the shrinking newspaper industry), and a formerly secure career path becomes challenging?
  • What if you prepare for a career that you turn out not to enjoy?

These are all real issues that merit concern, but there's also plenty of good news. First of all, after a long and difficult downturn, it's been the case for a while now that unemployment benefit claims are falling. For college graduates, things are comparatively even better, as workers with a college degree typically earn higher salaries and are at less risk of unemployment, according to multiple studies including a recent report by the Brookings Institute.

And while it's true that some industries struggle in the face of technological and market changes, it's also true that other careers — often requiring similar skills — will tend to emerge. Check out this article about how workers can move from struggling industries into alternative careers. In fact, many workers in our fast-breaking world will undergo a career change at some point. Those who have been there say that important tips include not quitting your old job until your new business is profitable, and thinking carefully about how the skills from one job may transfer to another.

Be sure to check out the AIE career page as you're going through your professional and educational transitions.