AIE offers new tool to help you make decisions about college

In an article from earlier this summer titled "Follow your heart, or pad your wallet?" AIEmail discussed a dilemma faced by many students as they get ready to go to college: whether to pursue a career they feel excited about but which may not pay well, or major in a field that may be more financially stable, but doesn't elicit the same passion.

Of course, you can pursue your dream job and still be financially successful, provided you make borrowing decisions in line with your future earning potential. If you want to be a teacher, for example, consider less expensive state schools over expensive private colleges.

But how can you get an accurate picture of how borrowing to pay for college may affect you after graduation?  Now, Adventures In Education, the website that brings you AIEmail, is providing a new, interactive tool called Major Choices to help give you that picture.

Major Choices is designed to give students an idea of how pursuing particular majors at particular schools in Texas may impact their bottom line down the road. The tool allows you to compare the same major at different schools or different majors at the same school. The tool also provides information on median first-year earnings and loan debt levels for graduates in particular majors at particular schools, and the percentage of monthly income that would go to repaying student loans.

(Note: Remember that median and average are not the same thing. The median is the middle number in a group of figures, while the average is the result of adding all the figures and dividing by the total number of figures.)

It's never too soon to think about how your choice of school and major may affect you after graduation. Check out Major Choices, play around with different schools and majors, and start planning for your future today!