AIE's Managing Your Money Section: Resources to Help You Minimize Debt

While you're in high school, you may not have to worry about money. Sure, you might have a part-time job at a local fast food chain or grocery store, and the pocket money you earn there may help you snag that pair of designer jeans you wanted or support your video game habit. You may even stash some of that income in a savings account, planning to buy a car or just have a safety net.

But for most students, the game changes completely once they actually get to college. Living on your own for the first time offers lots of exciting options — and dangerous ones. While it may seem like you're entitled to have fun while you're young, spending too much money on clothes, cars, trips, and parties can have unpleasant consequences. Many college students repeat all-too-familiar patterns: running out of money at the end of the month or semester, racking up unmanageable credit card bills, working lots of hours at part-time jobs to support their outsized lifestyles.

To help you avoid these scenarios and make smart financial choices from the beginning, Adventures In Education contains a "Managing Your Money" section, featuring a spending plan worksheet, information on managing credit and debt, and links to various online resources. The information contained in the links above can help you develop the knowledge and skills you'll need to achieve your financial goals.

There's more to learn, and you may want to consider taking any financial literacy courses your school offers. By learning these skills now, you may save yourself hard choices in the future — such as which flavor of ramen noodles you'll be eating for dinner.