AIE's repayment comparison calculator helps you understand your options

As you start planning for college, figuring out how you will meet your expenses is a crucial step. You'll need money to pay for tuition, fees, room and board, books, and other expenses. Knowing how much your student loan payments may be is a key part of that process, and something you should factor into decisions about which school you'll attend, what your major will be, where you will live, and more.

To help you get the best information possible, Adventures In Education (AIE), the website that brings you AIEmail, has developed a Student Loan Repayment Comparison Calculator. The calculator allows you to enter your potential debt amount, family size, interest rate, and other factors in order to:

  • Compare payment amounts under the various federal student loan repayment plans
  • Identify which repayment plans you may be eligible for
  • Explore each plan more thoroughly, and learn more about its conditions and benefits

This calculator can save you time researching programs, help you consider potential payment amounts based on different scenarios, and your knowledge of the available repayment programs.

To learn more, visit the Student Loan Repayment Comparison Calculator today.