Where do students from your high school go to college? AIE offers new tool to help you find out

Ever wonder how many students from your high school go to college, and which colleges they go to? If you live in Texas, now you can find out. AIE now provides a FAFSA Completion Search Tool for all Texas public high schools. The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the form all students fill out to qualify for federal (and in most cases, state- and school-based) financial aid.

The tool allows you to enter the name of your high school and get back a wealth of information, including the number of students at your school who have successfully completed the FAFSA, and how that compares to other schools in your district, county, region within the state, and the state as a whole. The tool also lists the top 10 colleges that last year's graduates from your school enrolled at—so you can see where your fellow students tend to go to college, and perhaps get a sense of your chances of enrolling at colleges you may have your eye on.

Check out the calculator here: