Bleak economic news got you down? Three things aspiring college students should know

What with the headlines recently discussing the rising cost of college, sluggish economic growth, and an unemployment rate that seems stuck at a higher-than-usual number, it’s understandable if you’re feeling pessimistic these days.

However, all the news isn’t depressing! Here are three stories to encourage you on your path to reaching your college and career dreams:

  1. It’s still true that the overwhelming majority (84 percent) of Americans can expect to make more money than their parents. More particularly, those with college degrees are much more likely than others to experience a dramatic economic rise. (
  2. College remains a solid investment. In fact, a study from the Hamilton Project found that money invested in a college education at age 18 would produce a higher lifetime yield than an equal investment in stocks or bonds. ( )
  3. Successful completion of a college degree is even correlated with better health, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention!

Difficult economic situations occur from time to time, creating more resistance that motivated people have to push through in pursuit of their dreams. Still, for those with the drive and determination to complete a college degree, economic benefits—as well as other rewards—are still there to be had.