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Reviewed April 2, 2015

TG and its employees take very seriously the privacy of your personal information. This Privacy Notice describes the ways TG gathers, uses, and protects the personal information of visitors to our site, as well as borrowers whose loans we have guaranteed.

Information for all visitors to TG websites

TG's vision is to be the premier provider of information, products, and services to help students and families realize their education and career dreams.

This Privacy Notice applies to the following websites:

TG uses the data we collect from you in order to provide you with information and services. Additionally, TG contracts with vendors and uses third-party hosted applications for various administrative tools and support, and information you provide to TG may be available to those third parties solely to the extent needed to respond to your requests or as required by law.

Technical Collection

TG's websites use cookies to enhance and personalize your visits to our websites, to measure the effectiveness of our sites, and to provide a more robust visitor experience for you. TG does not use flash cookies or Locally Stored Objects. TG does not store any personally identifying information in cookies. TG does collect information through cookies about visitors to our websites that is not personally identifying, including domain name, pages visited, and length of user session. This information is used to analyze the usage of our websites so that we may improve the usefulness of the sites. You may reject cookies by setting your browser options to inform you when cookies are set or to prevent cookies from being set. If you set your browser to reject or prevent cookies, you may limit the functionality we can provide when you visit our site.

TG uses web beacons to measure the effectiveness of our e-newsletters and email messages.

When you enter one of our sites, you pass through a firewall TG uses for security purposes. As you pass through, TG may identify your Internet Protocol (IP) address to track the origin of your Internet connection. The IP address does not identify you personally. We store IP addresses in case we ever need to track a connection to its point of origin for security troubleshooting and analysis.

If you use a mobile device to access a TG site, we collect basic information such as type of device (manufacturer and model) in order to present the information to you in a way that is readable. TG does not collect information which could identify the specific device (such as UDID) or the user, or any personal information from the mobile device. TG does not collect location information from devices or users of mobile-enabled sites.

Collection From You

We do not collect personally identifying information from you unless you expressly provide it to us through your use of one of the services we offer on our Internet sites or through signing up for subscriptions to our publications. TG does not voluntarily share personally identifying information with third-party marketers.

We collect your email address when you make a comment on our blog. We do not publish or voluntarily share your email address with third parties, but your blog comment, if published, is made public. The email address you provide to comment on our blogs is not added to our subscriber database or used in any way other than to notify you of other comments to the same post.

When you sign up for a subscription, we collect contact information which is added to TG's subscriber database and is used to generate a mailing list for the subscription. TG does not voluntarily share any of this information with third parties.

When school counselors register for the Counselors Network, we collect name and school-related information which is used to create a member directory available to other participating school counselors. Access to this information is password protected. TG does not voluntarily share any of this information with individuals or groups that are not members of the Counselors Network.

When online learners use the TG Learning Content Management System, TG may collect different kinds of information depending on your intended use of the system. TG may collect information from you in the course of using the system, such as information about the content viewed, where you stopped in the lesson, and how you performed on the in-content quizzes. If you are a financial literacy learner, TG may also collect information about you from other sources, such as your school or community group, in order to help associate you with the proper content. TG does not voluntarily share this information with third parties.

In order to access some of TG's online tools or services, such as certain areas of the myTG portal, you must provide your Social Security number. This information is used to verify loan status and for administrative purposes only. TG does not voluntarily share this information with third parties, except as needed to administer your loan. For more information about the use of borrower information to administer loans, please see Information for TG Borrowers below.

California Online Privacy Protection Act

We do not collect personally identifiable information about your online activities over time or across third-party Web sites or online services. We do collect information as described above when you view our sites. We do not permit others to collect personally identifiable information about your online activities over time or across different Web sites when you use TG's Web sites or services.

Some browsers have a "do not track" feature that lets you tell websites that you do not want to have your online activities tracked. Because we do not track across websites or over time, and because these features are not yet uniform, we are not currently set up to respond to those signals.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

We do not intend to collect information from children under 13 years of age. You must be over 13 to receive TG's newsletters or use TG's online tools. If we learn that we have inadvertently collected personally identifying information from a child under the age of 13, we will promptly take all reasonable measures to delete the data from our system.

Third-Party Sites

We provide links from our websites to sites of business associates, such as the Department of Education; student loan industry participants; and other external parties. It is important to remember that, if you click a link to any non-TG site, the privacy statement and conditions or terms of use for that site apply to you. You are encouraged to become familiar with any external party's privacy statement or policy before disclosing personal information at their site, because their privacy statement and terms of use may differ from ours. TG is not responsible for the content and performance of these sites or for your transactions with them.

Information for TG Borrowers

TG's activities in connection with your education loans require our employees to access information regarding you and your account. We may have collected this information from a number of sources, such as applications, transactions, or credit reports. Your loan documents and the laws and regulations governing the Federal Family Education Loan Program (the "FFELP") set forth ways in which guarantors such as TG may, or are required to, use and share information about you. In certain circumstances when carrying out our duties under the FFELP, we are required to disclose your information, including personally identifying information, in connection with the administration of your education loan. TG does not share your personally identifying information with third-party marketers.


A "cookie" is a small text file saved on your computer that is used to store information that a website may need, for example, a shopping cart ID. Normally, each time a browser requests the URL of a page from a Web server, the request is treated as a completely new interaction. The fact that the request may be just the most recent in a series of requests as the user browses methodically through the site is lost. Although this makes the Web more efficient, this behavior makes it difficult to create things like shopping carts that must remember the user's actions over an extended period of time.

Cookies cannot be used to "steal" information about you or your computer system. They can only be used to store information that you have provided at some point. To give a simple example, if you fill out a form giving your favorite color, a server can turn this information into a cookie and send it to your browser. The next time you contact the site, your browser will return the cookie, allowing the server to alter background color of its pages to suit your preferences.

Web Beacons

A Web beacon is a small (usually 1x1 pixels) transparent image that is embedded in an HTML-formatted email message. Whenever the mail is opened with a graphical mail reader, the image is downloaded from a Web server in the same manner as an image is downloaded from a website, allowing the server to track the download in its access logs.

Web beacons are used by TG to verify that email addresses are valid and that the content of emails is actually viewed. This information helps us to provide email content that is most useful to our subscribers.

Contacting us

If you have any questions or comments regarding Privacy, please email the Privacy Officer or contact TG using the information below:

Privacy Officer
P.O. Box 83100
Round Rock, TX 78683-3100

TG engages in annual reviews of our Privacy Notice. This version is effective as of the review date. It replaces all prior online Privacy Notices or policies issued by TG. We reserve the right to change how we approach privacy and use and collect information.

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