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Gifted Opera Singers' Scholarship

Applicant must be an unusually gifted opera singer with potential for a career in opera and with at least two years or equivalent of college music and opera-oriented training. Male applicants must be age 30 or under; female applicants must be age 28 or under. Preference is given to applicants with a college degree.

Award amount

Minimum Award: unspecified
Average Award: unspecified
Maximum Award: unspecified

Deadline Details


Study Areas

opera studies, voice

Minimum Age: 9
Maximum Age: 30

Sponsor information

Academy of Vocal Arts

1920 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

(215) 735-1685
(215) 732-2189 (fax)

Contact information

Scholarship Administrator

Number of awards

Number of Applications: 150
Minimum Awards: 12
Maximum Awards: 18

Award type


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