Prepare Your High School Four-Year Plan

Develop a plan that lists all the courses you need and want to take in high school.

The table below will make planning your high school courses easier and better organized. Print a copy of the table for each year of high school.

Fill in the courses you must take for graduation at the high school you will attend. Use the remaining space to fill in the courses recommended for a student planning your career. If you need help determining requirements or finding out what courses are available to you during high school, speak to a counselor.

  Grade ______
Fall Semester
Credits Grade ______
Spring Semester
History/social studies        
Foreign language        
Visual/performing arts        
Credits earned        
Accumulated credits
(including previous years)

Once you have completed your four-year course planner, ask a parent or counselor to review it to make sure you included every course you need to graduate and to meet your goals.

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