Get Organized

Organize your day, your materials, and your study time.

It's up to you to achieve academic success.

You can start by focusing on getting your day, your materials, and your study time organized.

Use a daily organizer and planner

  • Purchase a daily planner or organizer to record your schedule and your assignments. Or, design one for yourself, either on a computer or in a notebook or folder.
  • Some of your teachers may provide individual assignment sheets to help you keep track of your work. Put these sheets to good use. You're a busy person. If you write your assignments down, you won't have to waste energy trying to remember them.

Organize your notebooks

Locating your notes and homework is easy if you set up a system.

  • Label your folders or sections of your notebooks. If you have trouble picking a system, ask your teachers, your counselor, or your parents for tips.
  • Clearly label your notebooks so that you can quickly spot the ones you need in your locker. Use a bold marker to write the name of your textbook on the spine of each bookcover. There's nothing more irritating than getting to class with the wrong book or notebook.

Arrange your locker and keep it clean

  • Lockers are small. Consider purchasing a locker organizer. These shelves are inexpensive and add a bit of extra space to your locker.
  • Clean out your locker regularly. Every Friday, take home those items you don't need. Gym clothes and multiple jackets take up space and hide the books and notebooks you need to find quickly.

Choose a study time and space

  • Look at your daily schedule and plan at least an hour a day of standard study time. Use it to complete homework, review notes, study for tests, or read. Choose the time that's honestly best for you. Let your family know when your study time is and commit to it. Building this time into your day is one of the best habits you can form.
  • Select your study space. Find a spot in your house where you can complete all your work and study. Select a location where you can place all your materials at the end of your study time.

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