Land a Job Interview

Think of a job interview as an opportunity to show that you have what it takes to do the job.

You applied for a job you think you're perfect for and you get that all-important call asking you to come in for an interview. Now what?

Think of a job interview as an opportunity. You know you're right for the job. You just have to convince the person who'll be hiring you. Somehow you have to communicate that you have what the job requires.

You might not get the first job you apply for or interview for. It might take time and practice. Don't get discouraged. Think of every job you don't get as a lesson learned. Everyone encounters a big "no" at some point in the career search.

If you apply for a job that you don't get, try calling the employer you are interested in to see what you can learn. In a courteous, respectful way, ask what you should have done differently that might have made a difference. Was your resume all wrong? Were they looking for someone with other experience? What can you do to prepare for the next time a similar position comes open?

Continue looking for a job that you think is right for you and figure out how to convince people that you are right for it. Your job is out there, but discovering it and landing it can be a challenge.

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