Stay on Track

Checklist for this Week, October 8, 2012

For freshmen

  • Concentrate on doing well on your schoolwork.
  • Participate in class discussions.
  • Seek a tutor if it will help you learn faster.
  • Seek out clubs, organizations, and projects of interest.
  • Read regularly.

For sophomores

  • Take the PSAT. Check with your counselor for details.
  • Take the PLAN, a practice test for the ACT. Visit the PLAN website ( for more information.
  • Do well on your homework.
  • Seek out clubs, organizations, and projects of interest.
  • Use your time constructively.

For juniors

  • Take the PSAT; Check with your counselor for details.
  • Keep a list of afterschool and work activities; record your time involved.
  • Attend any sessions held by colleges that visit your school.
  • Find out about and attend college nights and fairs; ask your counselor for information.
  • If you are considering the military, visit with recruiters when they come to your campus.
  • Keep your grades up!

For seniors

  • Register for and take the SAT and ACT.
  • Find out about holidays this semester and plan to visit colleges during those days.
  • Keep working on college and scholarship applications.
  • Find out about and attend "preview days" at your local colleges.

For parents

  • If your student is taking college entrance exams, help with registration payments.
  • Attend college nights and fairs with your student.
  • Review progress reports and report cards; if you haven't seen anything, ask!
  • Talk to your student about managing time; adjust social schedules if necessary.
  • If you have a senior, call your school counselor and ask about the FAFSA and for more information about obtaining financial aid.
  • Keep track of your yearly tax information; it will be needed for the FAFSA.
  • Sort through and organize college materials arriving through the mail.