New Videos on AIE

Among the recent changes on AIE (including the new mobile-friendly interface we told you about a couple of weeks ago), you'll find some new videos about planning and paying for college. In fact, there are 14 new videos on the site.

Ten of them are the personal stories of college students who describe their own challenges and lessons along the way to becoming college ready. Whether we're talking about overcoming financial obstacles or the need to improve academically, hearing about someone else's experience can be a great way to get informed and stay inspired to achieve your own goals. You should check out these short videos and see for yourself the awesomeness-per-minute ratio!

The other two new videos move away from the particulars of individual stories and get into the nuts and bolts of filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA). These videos explain the what, how, when, and why of these two forms. Both videos are available in both English and Spanish. Because these applications can have such a high impact on your educational and financial future, the videos are well worth your time. Share these videos with your parents to help them understand the process too!